Remarks by Kevin McCarthy at the Republican National Convention

Remarks by Kevin McCarthy at the Republican National Convention

Washington, D.C. –  Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks this evening at the Republican National Convention.

Full remarks available below or watch online here.

“As Americans, we carve our own destiny. As Americans, we look forward not backward.

“Our ancestors braved the unknown. They built this nation, brick by brick. They lifted up millions from poverty, hunger, and disease. They vanquished fascism and communism.

“A great nation because of great people. And no one has done more to protect and advance it than President Trump.

“As Republicans — we are proud to stand with him and to work for you. Together we built the greatest economy the world has ever seen — and we will do it again.

“We confronted China, head on. Tore up bad trade deals and made better ones.

“Supported our men and women in uniform — and took out the world’s top terrorists.

“Achieved energy independence. Defended the sanctity of life.

“And restored law and order at the border.

“But as every American knows, we face an invisible enemy that we didn’t ask for, nor invite. But we will defeat it.

“We will defeat it because America is where innovation happens — and we are developing a vaccine in record time.

“We will defeat it because President Trump unleashed a Marshall Plan for main street — and put hard working taxpayers back on their feet.

“We will defeat it because tough times don’t last — tough Americans do. And that is what this election is all about — you, not us.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris think this election is about the government. They are wrong. It’s about your family and your future.

“And to secure what really matters, we will call on the bedrock of what makes us the greatest country in the world — the American promise.

“A promise that everyone is equal under god, under the constitution, and under the law.

“A promise that government is accountable to “We, the People.”

“A promise that if you work hard and play by the rules — your opportunities are endless.

“As Republicans, it’s our mission to renew the American dream. Restore our way of life. And rebuild the greatest economy in the world.

“The Socialist Democrats have a different agenda.

“They will dismantle our institutions. Defund our police. And destroy our economy.

“So, as you cast your vote this November remember this…

“Four years ago, President Trump promised to be your voice. He kept that promise — but there is still so much more to do.

“The choice before you could not be clearer…

“Forward in freedom, or backward in socialism.

“Forward in prosperity, or backward in poverty.

“Forward in personal liberty, or backward in more governmental control.

“I know which direction I’m headed. Join us, the best is yet to come.”