McCarthy makes a stop in Fresno to announce congressional run

McCarthy makes a stop in Fresno to announce congressional run

Mayra Franco
February 18, 2022

FRESNO, Calif. — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a Fresno visit on Thursday afternoon.

“To meet one in-person, especially Kevin McCarthy, it’s very exciting,” said Linda Jason, a Fresno business owner who attended the meet-and-greet.

He says he came to earn the community’s trust ahead of his next congressional run for new districts that includes parts of Fresno and Clovis.

“I’m coming here today to listen…with redistricting, the new district changes from Southern Kern County up into Fresno County, Clovis, and others. I wanted to come meet people, listen, do some tours, and really take an opportunity to understand the needs and concerns to make me a better representative,” says Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy currently represents California’s 23rd Congressional District which includes most of Kern County, and parts of Los Angeles and Tulare counties.

But, with redistricting, he plans to run for the new 20th Congressional District.

He says if he wins, he will have an office here serving the Central Valley.

“To survive in this Valley, we need water to be able to replenish. We need to be able to have a safe community. How can we become energy independent to lower our gas prices. How can we make sure our streets are safe and our communities. How can we make sure when it comes to children’s education, that the parents have a say,” says Congressman McCarthy.

The veteran lawmaker would be representing new territory and one business owner who attended says she’s already sold.

“Even though he wasn’t in my district previously, he represented me as an American. And, now that he will be here, I’ll be voting for him,” Jason said.

McCarthy also met with Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer to learn more about issues impacting the city.

“I really do believe that he is the right man for the right time in Congress. And, I hope real soon that he will no longer be the minority leader but that he is the speaker of the house,” Dyer said.